McDowell Lake takes first steps to a Clean Green Energy Future

May 27, 2015

Newly elected Chief, Vontaine Keno, has been briefed by NCC CEO Geordi Kakepetum and David Arenberg, VP, Canadian Solar, on an innovative solar system for the tiny First Nation located north of Red Lake, Ontario. NCC has developed a plan to install at 10 kW solar system with a battery solution that will provide the First Nation with an energy source capable of powering the community fridge. Chief Keno will present the plan to her Council in June 2015 for review and approval.

Geordi Kakepetum, CEO, NCC Development LP, Chief Vontaine Keno of McDowell Lake  and David Arenberg, VP, Canadian Solar sign an agreement to install a 10 kW solar system in the small remote First Nation north of Red Lake, Ontario

Pictured above, from left to right: Geordi Kakepetum, CEO NCC Development, Chief Vontaine Keno (McDowell Lake), and David Arenburg, Senior Advisor, Canadian Solar.

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